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The Consequences of Lack of Respect for Cyclists

By Associate, Personal Injury

Cycling is on the up across the UK. According to the most recent statistics from the Cycling Touring Club (CTC), in London alone the amount of people cycling has increased by 176% compared to 2000. The sad reality is that the number of cycling accidents and fatal cycling accidents has also increased.

Primary Causes of Cycling Accidents in the UK

If you believe Jeremy Clarkson, cyclists are the devil and the cause of all accidents on the roads. Well, sorry Jeremy but we know that this is not the case! At worst, drivers can act aggressively towards cyclists and at best they behave carelessly, failing to give way or even notice cyclists on the roads. This lack of respect for cyclists has led to many deaths and serious injuries not only to adult cyclists, but also to children.

All road users should make sure that they are looking for any obstructions or other road users before any manoeuvre.

Saying that it's also important to keep in mind that this is a two-way street. Cyclists should also make sure they’re doing everything they can to protect themselves from the potential dangers of busy and stressful roads. For example, wearing a helmet, though not compulsory for cyclists, it can significantly reduce the amount of brain injuries suffered by cyclists in road traffic accidents.

As mentioned before though, I still believe that the main cause for road traffic accidents involving cyclists is the level of arrogance and intolerance displayed by car, van, bus and lorry drivers.

Consequences of Intolerance by Drivers

The consequences of intolerance by drivers can be death or life changing injuries. Although in the majority of cycling accident cases the injuries are less severe, they are no less disruptive and damaging to the lives of the cyclists injured and their families and friends. As Personal Injury Lawyers this is something we see all too often.

I think that tolerance, understanding and respect is the key. If motor vehicle users practiced this we would see a dramatic decrease in the number of cycling accidents. Again, this is a two-way street; motorists must pay cyclists more respect on the roads, but equally cyclists should take a greater degree of care for their own safety.

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