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The £65,000 Lucy Cavendish Divorce Makeover

Divorcee Lucy Cavendish is featured in the press today, explaining why for her, a £65,000 makeover was the best way to move on following the breakdown of her marriage and start a fresh.

The makeover is described as covering all aspects of her life – not just her physical appearance, but hobbies, social life and home renovations. According to a survey to which she refers, the average amount a divorcee spends on a makeover after the divorce is around £13,000, with a new hairstyle apparently one of the most common first changes to take place.  

In Lucy’s case, this went a lot further, investing not only in gym memberships, diet plans and grooming, but also in an extensive new wardrobe, before then moving on in turn to all other aspects of her life.  

In her article she explains how she has made deliberate attempts to not only get out and socialise, but had undertaken preparatory research, including hobbies and DVD box sets, to ensure that she can be at the centre of conversations and engage in discussions with new people.  

She also undertook new career training, redecorated her house and then undertook renovations, in order to feel that everything important in her life was a reflection of her, rather than of the broken couple she had come from. 

As Divorce Solicitors we see many clients go though (albeit less dramatic) transformations during the process of their separation and divorce.  It’s common for people going through a separation to lose their confidence and feel confused about their identity as they move from a “we” to an “I” but Lucy’s incredible transformation shows what can be achieved once someone feels ready to move on.  

One of the nicer parts of our job as Divorce Solicitors is when we see a client at the end of their divorce case, or sometimes even months down the line, looking like a totally different person than the one who walked into their first meeting; having come through the experience on the other side. 

 Cara Nuttall is a Senior Family & Divorce Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester. 

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