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Serious Injury Solicitor on Near Miss for Yorkshire Cyclist

By Principal Lawyer, Personal Injury - Serious Injuries

Yesterday’s Mail Online featured an article entitled “Reverse rage: Moment angry motorist ‘tried to mow down cyclist after speeding towards him backwards along country lane following near-miss crash”. There is an accompanying video but the article succinctly describes the horrifying situation that cyclist Thomas Bardon found himself in. 

There are several follow up comments which appear to have been posted by a mix of cyclists and non-cyclists. It is fair to say that the opinions expressed are divided as to who was at fault. However, as noted by some of the contributors, cyclists have just as much right to be on the roads as motorists.

Recent trends suggest that cycling is on the rise. Events such as the visit of the Tour de France are bound to create a further spike in interest. According to statistics on the website of the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC), 43% of the population owns or has access to a bicycle. Over 700,000 people in England and Wales use a bicycle as their main form of transport for getting to and from work.  Each year around 5 billion kilometres are cycled in the UK.    

Whilst cycling on our roads is considered to be something that is relatively safe (one cycling death per 27 million miles cycled), when compared with other modes of transport it remains a dangerous activity (360 million miles driven per car road death). The majority of serious injuries to cyclists are caused by the driver failing to look properly, particularly around junctions.

Cyclists are here to stay and so both motorists and cyclists must learn to tolerate each other. Some of the comments that have been posted seem to indicate a complete disregard for cyclists’ safety and their right to be on the road. Not to mention the increased traffic jams that motorists would face if cyclists abandoned their bikes and got behind the wheel.

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