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Cancer in Wales Report Highlights Lung Cancer Trend

By Associate, Industrial Disease

Public Health Wales has released a report called 'Cancer in Wales, A summary report of population cancer incidence, mortality and survival' – which is based in part on new data just released.

The report is a valuable piece of research and information, as it helps to further understand the trends of cancer in Wales, particularly the incidence of lung cancer deaths.

The report suggests that there were over 18,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Wales in 2012 which is approximately 10% higher, or put another way, about 1,700 more cases compared to 2003.

Of a total 8,654 cancer deaths in Wales in 2012, lung cancer (1,894) accounted for the most deaths with bowel cancer a distant second with 912 deaths. Sadly but not at all surprisingly, for lung cancer the report commented; “Although air pollution is now known to be a risk for lung cancer, smoking remains the major problem. The large increase in cancer incidence in women appears to be mainly due to lung cancer.”

Unfortunately, there was no breakdown in the type of various lung cancers recorded, as there are of course different forms of the disease. Although smoking is rightly cited as a major factor in the development of lung cancer, asbestos should not be forgotten as another very dangerous agent that kills.

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer but believe you might have been exposed to asbestos, being a smoker may not necessarily prevent a claim being made, and so it is crucial that you investigate your potential compensation rights. It is essential to get legal advice from a specialist Solicitor.

In any event, although asbestos diseases can often take decades to develop, long after any actual exposure, anyone who has had such contact with asbestos should register this exposure as soon as possible.

Slater and Gordon maintain an Asbestos Register for anyone exposed to Asbestos in the UK. To register free of charge complete the Asbestos Register form or call Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 or freephone 0800 916 9046

It may sadly prove a very important form of insurance for you in the years ahead.

The Public Health Wales report is available online, see Cancer in Wales.

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