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Mesothelioma Claims Life of another Hard-Working Asbestos Worker

The Inquest into the death of Mr. David Thomas of Burton found that it was from an asbestos related industrial disease, most likely Mesothelioma. Mr Thomas died in February aged 74.

The Inquest heard that Mr Thomas worked at a number of companies in the local area during the 1960s & 1970s, one of which was Drakelow Power Station. During the course of his employment he was exposed to the deadly asbestos dust and fibres. In particular it was a result of his work in building with asbestos laggings for companies in the Burton area, Newhall and Drakelow where the asbestos exposure occurred.

Dr Peter Acland, Pathologist, who conducted the post mortem on Mr Thomas indicated that whilst it was hard to detect the asbestos bodies in Mr Thomas, Mesothelioma was invariably linked to asbestos exposure.  

Coroner Andrew Haigh agreed stating, “Mr Thomas was a hardworking man with numerous jobs throughout his career. Of particular concern were four jobs he had in which he was exposed to asbestos dust.

In his final years he developed lung and breathing problems. I suspect this was caused by Mesothelioma but it has not been confirmed. I am well satisfied that this death was a result of Mesothelioma, which was a result of asbestos.” Mr Haigh recorded the cause of death as Industrial Disease.

The power industry is one that has historically used asbestos through a number of its processes. The majority of those people working in this industry, like Mr Thomas, would have been exposed to asbestos in some form throughout their working life.

This might have been working directly with the asbestos or indirectly around other trades people using the deadly material. Sadly, no protection, precautions or warnings of the deadly material or the consequences of exposure to asbestos were provided to workers like Mr Thomas.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have successfully represented many working people like Mr Thomas, who worked at Dakelow Power Station, other industrial locations and MoD facilities, who were exposed to asbestos materials at work and later developed an asbestos related disease.

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