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Solicitor Praises Individuals & Organisations Who Help Seriously Injured

By Principal Lawyer, Serious Injury

Working in the field of serious injury, we experience every day the extremes of human nature. At one end we learn of vicious unprovoked assaults, reckless drivers causing carnage, dangerous working methods and outrageous standards of care for our old and vulnerable members of society.

The newspapers are generally full of bad news and human nature is portrayed negatively in the main.

At the other end of the spectrum, we see extreme acts of kindness, love, devotion and selflessness. Health professionals whose lives are devoted to caring for others, the emergency services who witness horrific scenarios at collision scenes, the families who find themselves thrown into the roles of carers and of course the armies of fundraisers and volunteers that are the backbone of this country. Spend a few hours on Twitter and one can not but be humbled by the amount of fundraising, volunteering and  support that goes on for a wide range of charities.

I am lucky enough to spend time with one of our local charities Neurosupport. This organisation supports people diagnosed with neurological conditions and injuries. It is a haven of calm and warmth. The atmosphere is one of positive energy, a can-do attitude and a real sense of belonging for the people facing very difficult times. The staff at Neurosupport make it such a special place and like many other charities, they are a crucial lifeline of support.

Our country is full of kind hearted, generous, caring people and they do not receive enough credit or coverage for all that they do. They’ll tell you that they don’t want any recognition; their reward is just knowing they make a difference.    

The recent tragic illness and passing of Stephen Sutton is an example of human nature as its best. Stephen by his unfailing passion to help others in the face of terminal illness was the epitome of selflessness and the outpouring of support to Stephen and his family, and of course his fantastic achievement of raising over £4,000,000 is incredible. Stephens’s family must be so proud of him as are we as a nation.

Carol Hopwood is a Personal Injury Solicitor specialising in serious injury claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Liverpool.

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