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Asbestos Halts Plymouth City Car Park Demolition

A meeting was organised on 20 May 2014 by Plymouth City Council officials and local retailers to provide an update as to the delayed demolition of the Mayflower West car park. 

The demolition was due to commence after the Easter weekend in April but the delay, has been due to larger amounts of asbestos found than expected. The demolition is to be completed by Christmas this year and will make room for a coach station.  

One city jeweller said there was “resigned acceptance” to the news, “The reaction was fairly muted because we are all resigned to the fact that the demolition is going to take a long time,” explained Jeff Hall, owner of Silver Stall in the Armada Centre.

A spokeswoman for the Council confirmed that asbestos specialists are to be brought in to safely remove the dangerous substance. It has been suggested that during the construction of the 1960s car park, the steel cabling was sprayed with asbestos to fire proof it. This was common for the time and presumably asbestos lagging was used.

The Council spokeswoman said: “We had hoped to start work to dismantle the car park just after Easter, however there were a number of construction and project issues that needed to be resolved. Further detailed investigations showed more asbestos than previously anticipated. As a car park that is fairly typical of its time, we had expected asbestos to be present, but not in the quantities or locations the surveys have revealed. We have used specialists to carry out the surveys and have employed a principal contractor to manage the asbestos removal process.

I have previously blogged about the dangers of asbestos and how to reduce such dangers which should be made available to any resident or retailer by their local Council. It is commendable that Plymouth City Council have taken immediate steps to ensure that the local community are informed and engaged in the process of raising the dangers of the asbestos and its removal. The Council makes available on its website details of the proper removal of asbestos

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