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Why It’s Important to Safely Remove Asbestos from Buildings

By National Operations Co-Ordinator

The ownership of the historic 1930 Bradford Odeon, which when opened was the third largest in Britain, was transferred from the Homes and Communities Agency to Bradford Council in November 2013.

As part of this transfer it was agreed that the HCA would provide up to £1.32M of funding to assist and address the issues on site, including the removal of asbestos by a specialist contractor. Asbestos was previously removed but the council has found more asbestos that also requires removal.

Any worksite, especially ones that the public could access need to ensure that any asbestos is registered, maintained and eventually removed. Council’s have a responsibility to anyone working in the area to ensure that the site is safe. Further, as this is a public space, the Council needs to ensure that anyone accessing the site in the future can rest assured that there is no potential of exposure to asbestos

The Bradford Council has dutifully undergone the necessary precautions to ensure that the community are not at risk.

Slater and Gordon Chest & Asbestos Disease Group Solicitor Dominic Smith reiterates the concerns of the dangers of exposures to asbestos and the requirement of local Councils to ensure that its residents are protected.

“Asbestos in any work environment is a concern. It is imperative that the asbestos is properly identified, managed, contained and where necessary removed by the appropriate asbestos removal specialists to reduce any potential exposure to those in the vicinity. Bradford Council have in place a management plan for such removal and a number of resources are generally available on local Council websites including the Bradford Council.

However, any individual who has been exposed to asbestos should register this exposure as soon as possible. Slater and Gordon maintain a National Asbestos Register and we advise you to contact Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 to register any asbestos exposure.”

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