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Slater and Gordon Proud to Take Part in St. Luke’s Will Month 2014

St. Luke’s Will Month is an annual campaign between St. Luke’s and local Sheffield Solicitors. The scheme has been running since 2011 and so far has raised over £61,000 for St. Luke’s. Now in its fourth year, Slater and Gordon are once again working in partnership to help the people of Sheffield affected by life limited illnesses. 

About St. Luke’s Hospice

St. Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield provides help to people with various illnesses including cancer, neurological conditions, such as Motor Neurone Disease, HIV and heart and lung conditions. The hospice provides care for people of all ages, 18 and upwards through Sheffield who have incurable illnesses and support their families.

With the help of specialist staff the hospice is able to control patients' symptoms and alleviate pain to ensure that they’re physically comfortable, as well as attending to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, their wishes, anxieties and hopes. As well as caring for patients, they support, advise and counsel their families through what can be a difficult and distressing time for them.



How the scheme works

Our specialist solicitors offer to draw up, or update simple Wills free of charge in return for a donation to St. Luke’s Hospice.

Suggested minimum donations are £85 for a single Will, £125 for a joint Will. (More complex instructions may incur an additional fee.)

By making a Will now you will not only be getting your Will made for much less than you’d normally pay, but you’ll also be supporting St. Luke’s patients.

Appointments for St. Luke’s Will month are only available in April 2014 but we are taking bookings now.
All money raised by the Will month campaign goes directly to St. Luke’s, which will help them to continue to provide free, specialist local care to those with incurable illness’s in Sheffield.

For more details please contact Samantha Kennedy on 0161 383 3665 or by e-mail to