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Plumber Exposed to Asbestos at Work Dies from Mesothelioma

Karen Henderson, assistant Coroner at the Inquest of the death of Frederick Powell aged 69, said that Mr Powell died from the industrial disease, Mesothelioma which is an asbestos related lung cancer.

During the Inquest it was revealed that Mr Powell was a plumber who was regularly exposed to asbestos as a result of the mixing and demolition work he performed. Further, he worked at Battersea Power Station where he was required to kick asbestos off pipes.

Slater and Gordon Asbestos Compensation Solicitor Alison Kerr, reminds us all about the dangers of asbestos within the workplace and the sad consequences that exposure to this deadly material can have.

Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of lung cancer and the only known cause is as a result of exposure to asbestos. The death of Mr Powell is a sad reminder of the continued dangers this toxic fibre and material has caused our community.

It’s commonly known that plumbers, like Mr Powell, would have been regularly exposed to asbestos as a result of the work they performed, and this exposure would have been on a regular, constant and frequent basis. No protection, precautions or warnings of this deadly exposure to asbestos would have been provided to workers like Mr Powell or his colleagues or in fact anyone else working within this vicinity.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have represented a number of plumbers who have been exposed to asbestos and developed an asbestos related condition. We have also acted on behalf of plumbers and other power station workers who were exposed to asbestos.

Anyone exposed to asbestos fibres, dust or asbestos waste materials should register any exposure as soon as possible. Slater and Gordon maintain a National Asbestos Register, to register call Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 or freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.