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Why it’s important to seek legal advice when thinking about a Divorce

The Independent newspaper today features a report on a case involving a divorce client trying to sue her solicitors for failing to advise her that a Divorce would end her marriage says Family Law Senior Associate Cara Nuttall..............

The lady in question was, according to the report, a Roman Catholic and as such, is reported as saying that the sanctity with which her marriage was viewed by her and others in her faith, meant that she did not wish to legally end her marriage, and that she should have instead been advised to pursue other options, such as a Separation.

According to the article, her claim was dismissed, however the case highlights the importance of people feeling able to ask their Divorce or Family Law Solicitor questions, if there is anything they are unsure of, either about the process, or the implications of their course of action. Where someone has particular concerns or priorities, it is important to explain these early on to any lawyer who is consulted, so that he or she can advise as to whether such aims are achievable and if so, ensure that the case is moved forward in the best way to achieve those aims.

Given the amount of common myths which exist about Family Law, it is important to always get proper advice, rather than assuming information obtained on the internet or by word of mouth is correct, in order to avoid unnecessary stress, confusion or upset further down the line, if the situation or result is not what was anticipated or intended.

By Family Law Senior Associate Cara Nuttall.

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