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What makes a happy marriage? asks Family Law Senior Associate

The Open University has released a survey of 5,000 participants regarding happiness within marriage. The survey suggests that childless couples reported having happier relationships, but that women with Children were the happiest individuals says Family Law Senior Associate Cara Nuttall...........

The survey looked at the behaviour which makes people happy within their relationship, as well as the habits which annoy. The results suggested that people who had gone through a difficult separation or Divorce tended to try and make more of an effort in a subsequent relationship, with the study suggesting there are therefore positive outcomes to a break-up.

The report appears to suggest that in terms of contributing to happiness and satisfaction in a relationship, small day-to-day things made more of a difference than big, grand gestures, with simple acts such as saying thank you and being brought a cup of tea featuring as the highest rating factor.

Habits which rated highly on the annoyance scale included bad eating habits, bad driving, failing to turn off electrical items such as lights and lack of communication and intimacy. This certainly accords with our experience as divorce lawyers, with many people who consult us about a divorce citing a whole range of behaviour, as well as the big things such as an affair.

Whilst small habits of this nature can contribute to the Breakdown of a relationship, they are not on their own sufficient grounds for Divorce and a good Family Law Solicitor can help someone considering a divorce draft a divorce petition correctly, to make sure that it satisfies the test of the court when considering whether a divorce should be granted.

By Family Law Senior Associate Cara Nuttall.

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