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New Device Could Help Prevent Child Abduction

Greater Manchester Business Week reported on a project by local technology specialists KMS and University of Manchester to produce a hi-tech tracking device which could be of use to prevent parental Child Abduction explains Family Lawyer Cara Nuttall.

The wristband is reported as using various forms of GPS and associated technology to help locate the location of the wearer, and can also include pre-set travel routes and “out of bounds” notifications.

At present, the device is still being developed, but it is reported that the hope is that it will be possible for it to be launched to market later in the year.

Parental child abduction, or international ‘tug-of-love’ cases, as it is often called, is a relatively common problem, with most abducting parents using an agreed contact visit to travel with the child. It is often not until after the parent has left the country with the child that the left-behind parent becomes aware that an abduction has taken place. A device such as the announced prototype would provide that parent with immediate notification that the child had been taken out of the agreed zone, so that action could be taken promptly to intervene before the departure takes place. It will therefore be interesting to see how the final product is developed and the extent to which courts agree to endorse its use in due course in cases where there is a risk of abduction.

As we have explained previously in our blog, with child abduction, prevention is always key and anyone who is concerned that their child could be taken to another part of the UK, or abroad without their agreement is advised to seek specialist legal advice as to the various measures available to minimise the risk. Practical guidance could also be obtained from Reunite, the national child abduction charity.

By Family Lawyer Cara Nuttall.

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