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Divorce Lawyer on how to protect your assets in case of Divorce

The Telegraph today features an article covering a criminal trial for harassment of a woman who cancelled her brother’s wedding shortly before it was due to take place, over fears he and his bride-to-be were not suited and that the marriage would ”just end in Divorce.”

The article reports that the woman cancelled the ceremony less than 3 weeks before the wedding date by pretending to be her sister-in-law-to-be. It is reported that she then informed her brother what she had done and explained that it had been with a view to “saving” him from an inevitable future divorce.

Whilst disapproval of a new partner can cause family rifts, the case goes to show that criminal proceedings can result if matters go too far. It is reported that in this particular case, cancellation of the wedding was not the only incident and as such, constituted a course of behaviour sufficient to establish harassment.

Where there are concerns that a marriage may not work, Pre-Nuptial Agreements can be a way of reassuring family members that the position is to a certain extent protected should the worst happen. It is not unusual for family members, such as parents of the intended parties to the marriage to seek advice on how to protect family money in the event the marriage fails, whether by pre-nup or by Will, and certainly obtaining advice on various options is always preferable to taking matters into your own hands, as this case goes to show.

By Family Lawyer Cara Nuttall.

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