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Cycling Accident Solicitor on Cyclists & Motorists working together

As a Cycling Accident Solicitor with Slater and Gordon and a commuter cyclist in London (I am also a car driver) I was very interested to read about Jeremy Vine`s experiences on a bike (see MailOnline 13th January 2014) explains Personal Injury Solicitor Paul Kitson ……

The follow up comments, clearly posted by people who do not cycle, are however both depressing and irresponsible. Many of the comments state that cyclists have themselves to blame either for choosing this mode of transport or for flouting the traffic laws. Both of these arguments are absurd. 

Cyclists have just as much right to be on the roads as motorists. An April 2013 census by TFL found that Londoners made 570,000 journeys each day by bike. Imagine the strain which would be placed upon our already overcrowded roads and public transport system if cyclists abandoned this eco-friendly mode of transport. 

Motorists must learn to tolerate cyclists and be aware of them. Last year 14 cyclists were killed in London – the same figure as 2012. In 2012 Paris had no cycle fatalities. I have not come across a single case involving Serious Injuries where there cause of the collision was a cyclist jumping a red light. The vast majority of collisions are caused by motorists not keeping a proper look out for cyclists. Yes some cyclists jump traffic lights but the vast majority do not. The majority of collisions on the UK`s roads are caused by motorists driving too fast or failing to keep a proper look out for other roads users.