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Family Law Solicitor discusses Clauses in Financial Settlements following Divorce

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell’s pregnant girlfriend, has reached a divorce settlement with her husband Andrew.

Whilst the full terms of the settlement are unknown; it’s reported that one condition included in the agreement is that the X Factor Producer cannot go near Lauren’s son until January 2015. If he does Lauren will reportedly be fined $50,000.

Andrew Silverman is reportedly devastated that his relationship with his wife has ended and even more devastated that Lauren is now pregnant to his former friend, Mr Cowell.

It’s unusual to include clauses like this in a Financial Settlement. However it is sometimes almost impossible to take out the emotion and it appears that Andrew Silverman is covering every corner in the settlement with Lauren. In the UK, negotiations surrounding the arrangements for the children are dealt with separately to the finances. Whilst it can be difficult to see your partner move on and your child to have a relationship with the new partner, such things are often inevitable and generally time will heal.

With Simon Cowell reportedly worth $370 million, one cannot imagine that Mrs Silverman would be difficult and procrastinate over the Divorce, particularly when baby Cowell is due in the New Year. In the meantime, if the report is correct then Simon will need to stay away to avoid making what appears to be a difficult break up any worse.

By Family Law Solicitor Lorraine Harvey

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