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Do friends really know best? asks Family Law Solicitor

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

It has been reported in The Times that it is more likely to be your friends that will influence you in deciding whether your marriage has irretrievably broken down, than you making the decision to go down the Divorce route yourself explains Family Law Solicitor Georgina Chase.......

New research has apparently shown that close friends have the biggest impact on decisions to break up or Divorce and that men are particularly prone to this “ripple effect”. The research shows that men are disproportionately more influenced by their friends or family members than women. Men supposedly listen to their divorced or separated family members and friends and become swayed upon realising they are having the same marriage problems that their family and friends had.

Despite popular belief, the report states that couples are not influenced by celebrity break ups and that only a small proportion admit that the celebrity culture has had a damaging impact on their attitude, putting their relationship into question.

In my experience, both men and women confide in their friends to seek reassurance when it comes to relationships and marriage. Indeed, many new clients instruct me to represent them in their Divorce as a result of me having previously represented their friends or family members. One word of caution; each situation in Divorce and separation is different, so take independent legal advice to obtain your options, rather than relying on what your friends/family have told you about their experience of the process.

By Family Law Solicitor Georgina Chase.

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