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Business Crime Solicitor on launch of the National Crime Agency

Labelled "Britain’s FBI," the National Crime Agency came into official existence today. It will be responsible for the "relentless pursuit" of organised crime including economic and cyber-crime and child protection.

The new agency will largely take on the work that has previously been done by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and the National Crime Squad (NCS) before that.

In announcing the launch, Home Secretary Teresa May said; "for the first time we now have a single national agency harnessing intelligence to relentlessly disrupt organised criminals at home and abroad with its own warranted officers, and the power to lead officers from other law enforcement agencies in coordinating that activity."

Business Crime Solicitor explains that "the NCA body will be expected to exercise these fresh capabilities on a reduced budget of £473.9 million as opposed to the current SOCA budget of £812 million. This has led some critics to question the ability of the NCA to deliver on its very demonstrative rhetoric"

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