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Is the equal division of household chores the key to a happy marriage? asks our Family Law Solicitor

The Daily Mail today reports that the key to a happy marriage is equal division of the household chores.

The report follows the release of a book “How Working Parents Can Have It All” which suggests that each partner doing their fair share of mundane household tasks is one of the best ways to secure a contented household. (I beg to differ, based on my husband’s idea of dusting).

The equal division of chores is said to be supported by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, who has reportedly contributed to the book, based on her experiences as a woman juggling a demanding career and family life. 

Recent research undertaken by the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests however that women remain responsible for household chores in 80% of households, with only 13% feeling their husband or boyfriend does the lion’s share, and just under 10% feeling that chores are divided equally.

Whilst a failure to do a fair share of the vacuuming is unlikely to be sufficient grounds on its own for a Divorce, a lack of support with domestic duties is something that is sometimes raised as one example of general behaviour which has contributed to the breakdown of a marriage, and which can be cited as one example of unreasonable behaviour in a divorce petition.

By Family and Personal Matters Solicitor Cara Nuttall.

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