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Personal Injury Lawyer Alicia Alinia on the effects of ‘flash for cash’ insurance scam

By National Head of Specialist Personal Injury

It is appalling that criminals are putting innocent motorists in danger through this ‘flash-for-cash’ scam.

Slater and Gordon submitted evidence to the Transport Select Committee and welcome the Committees findings published on the 31st July 2013 on tackling the issues of fraud, which only serve to demonise honest, responsible motorists seeking help to recover from the debilitating effects of a whiplash injury. The criminal practice of cash-for-crash and these types of sensationalist headlines impact on genuinely injured people from accessing justice and increase premiums for the honest motorist.  

In order to ensure that effective preventative measures are put in place to actively deal with issues of fraud and criminality in the justice system; the legal profession, Government and the Insurance Industry must work collaboratively.

We call on the Government to set up a consultation group with all relevant bodies to develop a unified approach to the question of fraud. This may involve creating a national data-base held by either an industry ombudsman or an independent monitoring body. This must be further strengthened with a requirement that insurers improve their communication to policy-holders and their representatives of their obligations and the potential consequences when a fraudulent act occurs.

By Personal Injury Lawyer Alicia Alinia.

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