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How Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers help improve patient outcomes

I was interested to read the articles in the Telegraph and the Times decrying the advertising of legal services in hospitals and in particular the comments of the Health Minister Simon Burns and the campaign of Andrew Bridgen MP to ban the same.

Perhaps what the Minister fails to appreciate is that often patient outcomes are better if the injured party does pursue a claim because they will have access to the provision of Rehabilitation under the Rehabilitation Code or privately through Interim Payments within a personal injury action. Often treatment can be quicker, more intensive and result in far better outcomes for patients. One only has to read the criticisms of the post hospital discharge care received by Andrew Marr reported by his wife only yesterday to confirm that such care is arbitrary at best and non existent at worst.

What the Minister also seems to fail to appreciate is that the hospitals are entitled to charge the insurers for patient attendances in the event of 3rd party fault. Nothing is ever spoken of these ‘hidden’ charges where the hospitals and therefore the government can actually profit or recoup up to around £45,000 per patient per claim. In addition the insurers are expected to refund to the Government any benefits received by the injured party for up to 5 years post accident.

So keen to exalt the compensation culture myth the government are nevertheless quite happy to receive their share of the compensation pot whilst shamelessly criticising and legislating against the rights of injury victims.

If you are injured as a consequence of 3rd party fault do choose your lawyer carefully. It is not and never has been just about the compensation payments. At Slater and Gordon we pride ourselves on the ability to assist in producing better patient outcomes and consequently better lives, particularly in serious injury cases where often the best treatment, equipment and medicine are not accessible through the NHS.

By Personal Injury Lawyer Jonathan Belcham

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