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Corrie star in alternative family structure

The Daily Star has reported on the alternative family structure of Corrie Star Charlie Condu who has 2 children with a female friend, with both of them sharing the parenting with Charlie’s partner, Cameron.

Mr Condu is in a long-term same-sex relationship. It is reported that his female friend had “not met Mr Right” and that they came to the conclusion that having and raising Children together, though not as a couple, was a solution that would work perfectly for them. It is reported that they used IVF to facilitate the pregnancy and that the 3 adults all now co-operate in the day-to-day care and decision making in respect of the children under a shared care arrangement. All speak positively about their experience, and the way the arrangements work for them.

Alternative family structures are increasingly common and can offer a range of parenthood opportunities outside of the traditional family unit. Arrangements between close friends can work very well, but it is important, even when relationships are strong, to get legal advice simply to make sure that the arrangements are done properly and that everyone understands their legal rights, which do not always accord with what people would expect. Our Family Law Solicitors are experts in Child Law & Family Structures and know that it is important to understand that the law recognises that parenthood encompasses legal parenthood, biological parenthood and psychological and social parenthood. Sometimes, in alternative family structures, these roles are split, and it can be important to make sure everyone understands what the practical and legal position is to avoid unnecessary shocks or complications – even if there are no disagreements.

By Family Law Solicitor Cara Nuttall

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