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The key to a happy and harmonious relationship

The Metro yesterday reported that the Fire Service have issued a plea for adventurous couples to keep their keys handy when taking inspiration from books such as 50 Shades of Grey, after receiving a record number of call-outs to rescue people trapped in handcuffs.

The Service reports having to go and rescue 79 unfortunate individuals who got stuck in their cuffs and has therefore issued the reminder.

We have previously reported that in our experience, the exploits of Christian Grey have caused matrimonial disharmony as well as harmony after causing couples to disagree on whether their marriage needs more spice, and there appeared to be an increase in people citing a lack of physical affection as one of the reasons leading to the Breakdown of the Marriage when deciding to Divorce. Whilst we haven’t yet met an individual for whom getting trapped was the final straw, the inevitable embarrassing rescue is unlikely to help relations and could well mark significant time in the dog house for the party that lost the key…

By Family Law Solicitor Cara Nuttall

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