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Royal College of Surgeons report into University Hospital of Wales is leaked

In February 2013 the Francis Inquiry into Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust identified serious failings and prompted an Inquiry into a further 14 NHS hospitals in England.

Then on Friday 26 July we hear that a report prepared by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) into the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, has been leaked to the BBC. According to the leak, surgeons within the largest hospital in Wales, regarded services as ‘dangerous’ and ‘of poor quality’.  

The Royal College of Surgeons, which is usually regarded as a conservative body, said that their surgical colleagues in the hospital were telling them that they believed there was significant risk as a consequence of the hospital’s inability to get patients into the hospital to have their operations in a timely way.  

The University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff’s problems may stem from the whole care system within the hospital starting with Emergency Medicine and admissions coming through A&E Departments to patient’s discharge back into the community being delayed and frustrated by restricted social care.

It appears there are reports of more than 2,000 operations being either not scheduled due to lack of beds or cancelled in the first three months of 2013. It is said to suggest that doctors also believe the Health Board was reducing scheduled surgery in order to reduce costs to meet end of year financial targets and that an increase in waiting lists meant the patients were ‘clearly coming to harm’.

Whist it is reported that an action plan has been agreed with the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board the position will be reviewed in autumn.

Ms Ann Clwyd Labour MP for Cynon Valley branded it ‘the equivalent of Wales’ Mid Staffs’. Ann Clwyd, an MP who is very familiar with the NHS failing to live up to expectations, is conducting a review into complaints by hospital patients. In an interview on BBC Radio Wales she pointed out that this hospital had the highest mortality rate in Wales and that the vast majority of patient’s complaints from Welsh patients in her review came from this Cardiff hospital.  

Ann Clwyd has invited both the Chairman and the Chief Executive to consider their own positions.

The Chief Executive of Cardiff & Vale University Health Board when interviewed on BBC Radio said that he accepted earlier this year that the situation earlier was cause for concern and that he was on record as having apologised to his patients.  

Whilst he recognised that they needed to do better the Chief Executive insisted that they were already showing improvements.

This is clearly a concern for all the patients and their families within the catchment area of this hospital, University Hospital of Wales. If you have experienced what you believe is unsatisfactory treatment at the University Hospital of Wales or any hospital within Wales or the North West, whether you have endured a cancelled operation or dangerous care and you have suffered an injury you can contact Laura Morgan for a without obligation discussion and confidential advice and assistance.

By Clinical Negligence Solicitor Laura Morgan.

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