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Royal Bournemouth Hospital Breast Cancer Screening Recall

The Royal Bournemouth Hospital have recalled 272 women for breast cancer screening after concerns were raised about a junior doctor not following proper procedure during screening clinics. The junior doctor concerned no longer works at the hospital and the matter has been referred to the GMC.

The women who have been recalled attended breast screening clinics between January 2011 and July 2012. 

This will be a terrible time for the women who have been recalled as they will be anxious that previous breast screening results were incorrect. The biggest concern will be that a diagnosis of cancer has been missed. The hospital are writing to all the women who have been affected and are offering appointments to them.

The hospital have said that there is “no evidence of any harm to the patients seen by this junior doctor “. They have also said that the recall appointments are just a precaution.

Unfortunately delays in diagnosis of all types of cancer often hit the headlines and my colleagues and I act for a number of people who have suffered delays in diagnosis of cancer which has impacted on their treatment and survival. I very much hope that there has been no harm to these women affected by this recall. If you would like to discuss this with me or one of the team call 0808 175 8105.