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Fraud Solicitor Jeremy Summers interviewed on Sky News regarding oil price fixing investigation

Fraud Solicitor Jeremy Summers appeared live on Sky News to discuss the potential legal ramifications around the current oil price fixing investigation by European authorities.

Fraud Solicitor Jeremy Summers commented on the EU investigation into potential price fixing by oil companies and explained why the EU were investigating rather than UK authorities. Jeremy went on to discuss the possible civil or criminal routes open if wrongdoing is established and the likely timescale of the investigation.

Jeremy said that, “if criminal conduct was established, this could lead to the prosecution of the individuals concerned and, if those individuals were senior enough to represent the controlling mind of the company, the corporate body could also be prosecuted and face an unlimited fine”

Sky News website reports that “The Government has said it would be "deeply worrying" if energy prices have been driven up through market manipulation amid an investigation into activities at BP and Shell. The Energy Secretary Ed Davey later told MPs that anyone found to have manipulated prices would face the "full force of the law."

Jeremy Summers Sky News 13.05.2013

The interview was first broadcast on Tuesday 14th May at 19.00 and was subsequently repeated throughout Wednesday 15th.

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