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Employment Solicitor Lauren Hillier explains why diversity is good for business

Employers often see diversity in the workplace as, at best, a moral obligation – something that they should comply with out of a sense of generosity and fair play. At worst, many employers see diversity as a nuisance – something that they are obliged to pay lip service to in order to avoid litigation.

But a recent news story illustrates a more important reason to encourage diversity – it’s good for business.
It’s recently been reported that multinational software company SAP’s latest recruitment drive is going to be aimed specifically at people with autism. After successful pilot projects in Ireland and India, the company believes that people with autism are often ideally suited for software developer positions. They process information differently to most people, and their ability to focus on detail and to spot problems that others might overlook make them a valuable resource in this type of work.

By Employment Solicitor Lauren Hillier.

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