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Should suspects linked to Jimmy Savile Child Abuse be named? Child Abuse Lawyer discusses on ITV

Child Abuse Lawyer appeared on ITV News on Friday 19th April discussing whether individual Child Abuse suspects should be named in relation to Jimmy Savile alleged Child Abuse Claims.

Rolf Harris, veteran entertainer, was named in the media on Friday as the latest arrest in the Metropolitan Police investigation following allegations of sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile.

It was reported by the BBC that Rolf Harris was interviewed under caution in November 2012. He attended police premises by appointment. This was shortly after a search warrant had been issued at his home. Rolf Harris was later arrested on 28th March 2013. Scotland Yard stated "He has been bailed to a date in May pending further inquiries. The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'."

The Metropolitan Police investigation covers three strands. These are defined as “Savile”, “Savile plus others” and “others”. The first strand investigates allegations relating to Jimmy Savile alone. The second considers actions where victims have said there were other people around Savile who they believe were involved in offending. The third strand relates to complaints from people who have come forward as a result of the publicity about Jimmy Savile but are unconnected to him. The BBC report that the allegations made against Rolf Harris are unrelated to the Savile allegations. He falls under the “others” strand of the investigation.

Child Abuse Lawyer of Slater and Gordon Lawyers appeared on ITV news on 19th April 2013 discussing whether individual suspects of sexual abuse should be named by the police and media. The Lawyer commented on the balancing act between naming an individual suspect and the rights of victims of sexual abuse. The Lawyer concluded that naming suspects in the media is vital as it allows other victims the confidence to come forward and ensures they do not feel alone in making an allegation.   

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