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Driving Offences Solicitor Paul Reddy on Carlos Tevez’s road to redemption

By Practice Group Leader, Road Traffic Defence

Expert Driving Offences Solicitor Paul Reddy has appeared on Radio 5 live and Sky Sports News to discuss Carlos Tevez’s sentence.

Carlos Tevez recently pleading guilty at Macclesfield magistrates court to driving while disqualified and without insurance. Driving Offence Solicitor Paul is an expert who is highly experienced in all Driving Offence matters from Driving without insurance to Careless Driving.

Paul discussed the sentence handed down to Carlos, which consisted of 250 hours of community service and a six-month driving ban, he also has been ordered to pay fines and costs to a total of £1,145. Paul said that Prison was an option to the sentencing Magistrates but an unlikely one, and that he thought in fairness, having considered the guidelines, the early guilty plea and the offence/offenders mitigation; it was actually quite a robust but fair sentence.

Paul also answered questions relating to Carlos’s community service, including what this would likely involve considering he was a physically able person. Paul went on to explain that this could include anything from painting fences and public areas to gardening and litter picking, but would ultimately be decided by the probation service.

Paul also discussed the possibility of Carlos leaving the country and how he would stand in relation to completing his community service and driving ban due to his football career, including whether the driving disqualification would be effective in other countries within and outside the EU.

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