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Clinical Negligence Solicitor Rebecca Brown on Kings Mill Hospital - faulty breast cancer test results

Following a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection at Kings Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire it has been found that a number of breast cancer patients were given faulty test results. This meant that in some cases women who were suffering from cancer did not receive the most appropriate care.

The CQC’s report which was published jointly with the Royal College of Pathologists looked at concerns that the treatment of breast cancer patients between 2004 and 2011 was based on incorrect test results. It found 120 women between 2004 and 2011 could have been given the wrong test results, meaning they were denied the best treatment.
The issues relate to an oestrogen receptor test, which detects whether patients would benefit from hormone treatment for their cancer. A number of woman who received faulty results have since died of breast cancer but it is not currently known whether this was as a direct result of not receiving the correct treatment. The women affected by these issues have been contacted directly by the hospital and clinics have been arranged so any women affected can discuss their concerns.

It is possible that some of these women may have a Clinical Negligence Claim against the hospital if they did not receive the correct treatment and this affected their recovery from breast cancer. If you are one of the women affected by these errors and you would like some legal advice as to whether you have a Breast Cancer Claim then please contact me on 0207 657 1605.

By Clinical Negligence Solicitor Rebecca Brown.

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