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Personal Injury Litigation Executive Jonathan Belcham on the importance of health & safety at work

I write in response to the Eastenders 'Elf and Safety' article in today’s Sun. As the BBC have stated it is a legal requirement under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to ensure that, as a reasonable employer, precautions are taken to evaluate risk before subjecting employees to possible harm.

However, we would not want to return to times where risk assessments were not required and health and safety didn’t matter. The Health and Safety Executive back in 1898 were warning of the dangers of Asbestos. Those warnings went largely unheeded for 60 or more years and people are still needlessly dying today. Steve McQueen died from the terrible asbestos disease, Mesothelioma, in 1980 attributed to his work for the US marines in the late 40's.

The Government past and present have made their view clear about the so called compensation culture and the far reaching steps they are taking to combat it, leaving innocent victims potentially unrepresented and undercompensated. Of course the abolition or neglect of health and safety consideration would bring about far more newsworthy stories, such as Hillsborough, Heysel, Zeebrugge and sadly any number of other preventable disasters. Any prevention is better than cure, ask the long suffering bereaved of any of the aforementioned tragedies.