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Personal Injury Solicitor Paul Kitson on Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

Kaya Burgess reports in The Times today (31/01/13) that at a Commons inquiry  MPs were told yesterday by Edmund King, President of the AA, that cycle safety must be at the heart of the driving test and the national curriculum if the Government wants more people to travel by bike.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. As a Personal Injury Lawyer specialising in Cycling Accident Compensation Claims I deal with the consequences of a momentary lapse of concentration by motorists either carrying out a turn in or out of a road, failing to observe a cyclist ahead of them or opening a car door into the path of an overtaking cyclist. These incidents would be avoided if all motorists took the time think about cyclists.

Cycling is an excellent activity for general fitness and is an efficient, environmental friendly mode of transport but reports of cycle fatalities and Serious Injuries discourage many would be cyclists. The investment in cycling needs to include an extensive "think cyclist" campaign.

More information on the inquiry ‘Get Britain Cycling’ inquiry can be found here and here.