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Family Law Solicitor Kirsten Grotte discusses the news that wives are working longer in relation to Divorce Rates

It has recently been reported in theDaily Mail that apparently husbands should be wary of their wives who choose to work longer hours as it could be a sign of Relationship Breakdown. It has been suggested in this article that wives are choosing to work longer hours as a ‘form of insurance’ in the event of a Divorce as they consider themselves to be more at risk financially than their husbands. Apparently the same cannot be deduced from husbands working longer hours. This seems surprising when I have been around women who have been concerned about their husbands who appear to be avoiding them by either working late or visiting a string of pubs before they eventually come home.  There could be a number of factors that are linked to women working longer hours generally, such as the increase in cost of living as a result of the current economic climate or because there is more equality in the workplace so women are taking on more senior roles.

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