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Medical Negligence Solicitor Paul Sankey on late diagnosis of Cancer

News that 24% of Cancers are only diagnosed once patients are admitted to hospital as an emergency suggests that we are still failing to diagnose Cancer early enough. In many cases by the time patients need emergency care it is too late for effective treatment. Comments on these figures include ‘startling’ (Cancer Research UK) and ‘appalling’ (Macmillan Cancer Support).
Some patients were diagnosed because their Cancer caused symptoms for which they went to Accident and Emergency. Others were diagnosed when they attended for other problems such a broken Hips.
Interesting whilst a very high percentage of some Cancers were diagnosed in this way – Cancers of the Brain and nervous system, Pancreatic and Lung Cancer – some others were only rarely diagnosed through Accident and Emergency – particularly Skin and Breast Cancer. This suggests that rates of detection of Skin and Breast Cancer are much higher among GPs and hospitals.
Early diagnosis is key. We regularly see the impact of delays in diagnosis, often sadly through Medical Negligence, and they can be devastating where patients experience poor outcomes as a result. It will be important to work out why these delays occur and why Cancers are not picked up at an earlier stage if the NHS are to ensure the best possible standards of care going forward.

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