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Clinical Negligence Solicitor Iona Millais on improving Cancer survival forecasts

Cancer death rates are set for a big fall by 2030. According the charity Cancer Research UK, in 2010, an estimated 170 people in every 100,000 members of general population died from Cancer. Over the next 17 years, this is forecast to fall to 142 per 100,000.
Ovarian Cancer is expected to fall by 42.6%; Breast Cancer by 28%; Bowel Cancer by 23% and Prostate Cancer by 16%.
This is extremely encouraging news and is thought to be attributable to:

(1) research into improving treatment;
(2) better prevention; and
(3) earlier diagnosis
In my practice, I am all too often seeing tragic cases where clients have terminal Cancer which could have been curable with earlier diagnosis.
Developing new Cancer treatments involves billions of pounds and the greatest scientific brains working tirelessly to come up with ever improving cures. Yet earlier diagnosis can be a simple process of Doctors listening to their patients and ensuring they follow the correct referral pathway.
I hope that over the next 2 decades Doctors become ever more vigilant making encouraging forecasts all the more achievable.

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