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Senior Solicitor Edward Kitchen discusses the Kavanagh Divorce

It is reported in The Telegraph that Anne-Marie Harvey Kavanagh and Graham Kavanagh have spent around £1.7 million in legal fees connected to their Divorce and related disputes. We are told that this amount has left the couple with almost nothing to divide between them. The judge who heard the case was apparently very critical of the couple (who incidentally are both lawyers), describing their actions as"…wrecking the ship of their marriage, and then turning their attention to the lifeboats". The figures are, indeed, eye watering.  Of course, the vast majority of us do not have these sorts of assets, or the need to spend that amount on lawyers to resolve their differences. At the outset of any family case, regardless of the issues involved, everyone must have an eye on how expensive any proceedings will be. The reason for this is simple - costs only come from Matrimonial funds and therefore, the more a couple pay to their lawyers, the less there is to divide between them at the end of the dispute. Perhaps more importantly, the ability to maintain a lifestyle for themselves and their children can be seriously diminished.There are many different ways to resolve disputes on relationship breakdowns. Many couples manage to do it themselves, without recourse to lawyers. Even when solicitors become involved, options such as Mediation, Collaborative Law or informal negotiations can be a more appropriate, speedy and cheaper option. Many family lawyers’ sign up to a code of conduct designed to promote these alternative strategies, rather than the knee-jerk reaction to simply dash off to court.Every case is, of course, different. Court can be the best way to bring about a resolution but it is only one of many options. Actually, the best Family Lawyers do not want long, expensive, drawn out proceedings. It is far better to reach a fair settlement quickly and cheaply, the best outcome for everyone involved.

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