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Vibration-Induced Hand Comorbidities Case of a Postwoman

Personal Injury Solicitor Simon Allen discusses a Vibration-Indced Hand Comorbidities case in a Postwoman.

A paper published by Mattioli et al highlights that most of the studies into Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome concern high vibration levels caused by vibratory tools. This paper considered chronic exposure to low vibration levels emitted by a fixed source. The case that it concentrates on is that of a post woman who delivered mail for 15 years using a low-powered motorcycle.

She was subsequently diagnosed with bilateral Raynaud’s phenomenon and chronic tendonitis. Her exposure was from riding the motorcycle for 4 hours a day carrying a load of 20-30kgs. For about a quarter of the time she drove over country roads. Her hands were on the handles of the motorcycle.

Measurements were, therefore, taken of the handles of the motorcycle as well as both iron parts of the handlebars. This assessed that she suffered the 8-hour energy-equivalent frequency weighted acceleration of 2.4 m/s2. The available literature does not report any similar cases of upper limb disorders associated with low-powered motorcycle riding. However, the values obtained from the measurements in this case were comparable with the action threshold limits defined by the European Directive 2002/44/CE.

The conclusion is that the case report presents a hypothesis that the effect of hand arm vibration may result not in a single disorder but in multiple disorders.

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