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Personal Injury Solicitor Simon Allen discusses a Short Latency and Long Survival Mesothelioma Case

This is a surprising case. A 27-year-old white collar female was diagnosed in 1998 with Mesothelioma some 8.5 years following her first exposure at her workplace. She was still alive at the time of the case report, some 12 years later.

The patient’s exposure to dust occurred during intensive demolition/construction work at her workplace, an airport office. She remembered seeing Asbestos wall boards and debris at the site. Her work routine included excessive work hours, sleeping on site and irregular work shifts with approximately 5,000 hours of passive, intermittent, exposure to airborne dust. Her other exposure history was unremarkable.

Her latency period from first exposure was 8.5 years. This is the shortest ever reported latency period in an adult. During a period of her exposure she was pregnant and it is important to note that the physiological increase of minute ventilation leads to a greater dust burden into the lung parenchyma. This case report questions, therefore, the general consensus that latency for mesothelioma under 10 years is improbable. It can provide no explanation, however, for the long survival in this case despite the very short latency period.

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