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Family Solicitor Chris McIntosh discusses Family Dispute Resolution Week

Today is the first day of Family Dispute Resolution Week. This has been organised by Resolution, the national organisation of family solicitors committed to a non-confrontational approach to addressing family problems.  According to a recent survey by Resolution, 73% of people surveyed said that putting Children's interests first would be their most important consideration on divorce. By contrast only 1% said that being Financially better off than their partner would be their most important consideration. It is generally accepted that a negotiated outcome is likely to be better in the long-term than litigating. Couples who are able to reach their own agreements without a Court-imposed solution are often able to be more creative than the courts and tailor agreements more closely to their own family individual circumstances.The aim of Family Dispute Resolution Week is to raise awareness of the different options available to Separating couples and to challenge the view that divorce must always involve conflict. As part of this week, Resolution is launching a new advice guide: "Separating Together: Your options for Separation and Divorce" which explores the various options available to couples outside of the Court arena.Many people start the divorce process with the hope that matters can be resolved amicably, but then lose their way, often due to a lack of knowledge of non-court based options. With the legal aid cuts looming the (already struggling) Courts are likely to become even more overburdened. Therefore, couples who are able to use alternative dispute resolution options, such as Mediation, instead of the Court process may well find that they are much more likely to achieve a swift fair outcome which suits their particular circumstances.

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