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Wrong fallopian tube removed by doctor at Derby Hospital

The BBC have today reported that Dr Samina Tahseen, a doctor at Royal Derby Hospital will be allowed to continue to practise under supervision after removing the wrong fallopian tube from a patient.
The patient was due to undergo fallopian tube removal as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. Dr Tahseen failed to discuss the procedure with her patient beforehand and removed the wrong fallopian tube after mistaking a cyst for the ectopic pregnancy. The patient has since had the correct tube removed but this has meant that she has no possibility of conceiving naturally.
It is likely that this patient has a very strong clinical negligence claim against this doctor. Often when bringing a clinical negligence claim patients are unaware of whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the doctor concerned. I am sure it will be reassuring to the patient in this case that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service have intervened but their verdict may be disappointing for the patient who has suffered so much as a result of negligence on the part of this doctor.
Most clinical negligence claimants would like to be able to turn back the clock and reverse what has happened to them. Unfortunately that cannot be done. However by bringing a claim it can allow for the Claimant to feel that justice has been done, particular in circumstances like these where despite this dreadful error the doctor is continuing to practice.