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Family Law Solicitor Kirsten Grotte and Trainee Charlotte Brinsley discuss a typical day with local 6th form pupils

Recently Charlotte and I attended a small group of 6th form pupils at Wilmslow High School in South Manchester during their careers week to present to them about the different paths to Law. We also gave an honest overview of what it like to be a practising Trainee and Solicitor in Family Law. The group were extremely receptive and were confident to ask lots of questions and we received excellent feedback from the school's careers department. The pupils enjoyed the fact that Charlotte and I were able to give our own personal experience from both either doing the direct route to Law or Law Conversion Course, as well as our different experiences of being a Trainee in a large and medium sized law firm. Charlotte and I both thoroughly enjoyed the day and are eager to continue presenting to local schools. Charlotte is currently preparing a further presentation to give to the College of Law.