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Family Law Specialist Georgina Chase on the use of I-Pad video calls to look at the life of ex partners

It has been reported that IPad video calls with Children are being used by parents to sneak a peak at the lives of their former partners or spouses.

There has been a rise in the use of Apple’s FaceTime and Skype in contact cases which offer free video calls on tablets and smartphones. Webcams can also be used on computers to communicate on programmes such as MSN. Video calls seem to be steadily replacing the standard telephone contact between a parent and the Children which usually takes place in between the Parent’s allocated contact time and provides parents with the opportunity to speak face to face with their Children, despite being miles away.

However, reports are surfacing that parents are misusing their video calls with their Children for intrusive purposes; fathers are asking their children to give them a tour of the ex-wife’s new home and mothers are nosying at their ex husband’s new bit on the side! Parents are increasingly feeling that regular video calls between their Children and the ex is like inviting their former partner or spouse into their home and frankly it is not a welcome invitation!

Social networking seems here to stay and is becoming a fundamental part of children’s lives, the question is how this is controlled when it comes to contact arrangements so that parents don’t feel like they are providing their ex with a window into their day to day lives.

This issue has recently cropped up in disputes over contact before the Court and Judges tend to order that video calls be restricted to pre-arranged set times and durations and for the video calls to take place in one room of the house only – preferably the room which gives the least away!!Contact our specialist family law team

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