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Access to Justice & What Hugh Grant Thinks

‘It is not often you get to have a really good discussion about conditional fee agreements…and it is even less often you get to have that discussion with Hugh Grant’. So says Patrick Wintour of the Guardian in his article about the Conservative Conference. Patrick – you need to come round to our office. We talk about them all the time.
What is disappointing is that he never actually gets to tell us what Hugh thinks about the subject. I would hope he realises that they have enormously increased access to justice over the last 14 years or so, enabling people who would not have qualified for legal aid or been able to afford the cost to enforce their rights. They have enabled countless people, injured by someone else’s carelessness, to make good their loss of income. In some cases they have literally transformed people’s lives, enabling disabled people to obtain a degree of care they would never had received from the state. Sadly, perhaps because organs of the state are so often the Defendants, the government wants not only to cut legal aid but restrict the efficacy of these agreements.
So I will do my best to contact Hugh and ask him what he thinks. I am hopeful he will answer if only for old times’ sake. After all we were at school together. And if he lets me know I will pass it on.
And now back to work: a hard day of shameless name-dropping to my colleagues lies ahead.
For more on the interview with Grant (as we called him) please click here.

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