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Divorce blunder at the stage of dividing the assets, Samina Aslam discusses

Divorce is widely cited as being one of the most stressful experiences in life. It’s bad enough with the animosity, but how far would your patience stretch if your former partner attempted to feign ‘amnesia’ when it came to the all-important stage of dividing the assets? Mukhtar Ablyazov the former Head of a state-run bank in his native Kazakhstan did exactly that. He fled to London after being accused of conspiring to siphon money out of the bank, leaving it with an eye watering $12billion in debt. When the law finally caught up with him, Ablyazov played the ‘amnesia’ card. He conveniently ‘forgot’ to reveal that he owns a home in the Bishop’s Avenue, Hampstead, London (dubbed Billionaire’s row) estimated to be worth between £18 and £20 million. It boasts of a ballroom, 9 bedroom suites and wood panelled lifts. Also, he is the proud owner of a vast mansion estate in Egham formerly owned by computer magnate Michael Dell. With an estimated price tag of £20 million it offers the luxury of numerous tennis courts and its very own helipad. The multi billionaire further omitted to mention his ownership of a large Docklands office block- ‘an asset the size of Canary Wharf’ which the judge noted can hardly have slipped Mr Ablyazov’s mind. Don’t get me wrong, as humans we are all forgetful, but quite frankly, Mr Ablyazov just takes the biscuit. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this and there are yet more surprises to be revealed.