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Alicia Alinia: Dan Weldon dies tragically. The risks, responsibility, reward?

The accident on the 16th October which resulted in the death of a talented, young racing driver was very sad indeed. Some may say that Indycar racing carries with it a degree of assumed risk; nonetheless it seems that there are suspicions that the race track was shorter than normal and the ingredients were there for something to go wrong. As Dan Weldon leaves behind his wife and two young kids following an accident which ended the life of a talented sportsman, the question about the safety of the sport must be considered carefully. In an era where desire for financial reward is often the overriding objective in the world of sport, it seems that Indycar racing has also had to re-position itself in order to keep pace with other increasingly more popular sports. This culminated in the introduction of the $5 million dollar prize to the successful competitor on Sunday which ended in such tragic circumstances. Whilst participants are fully aware of the risks associated with this and indeed so many other sports, they also put their trust and often their lives in the hands of organisers and governing bodies to ensure that all unnecessary risks are minimized, and all necessary safety checks have been carried out in order to reduce the risk of such a tragedy from occurring to its lowest level. One has to hope that there was no shortfall in the health and safety standards by the organisers on this tragic day. Alicia Alinia is a solicitor specialising in Personal Injury in the London office of Russell Jones & Walker. 
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