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New Ways to Prove Adultery? Kirsten Grotte discusses

I was recently scrolling through the Daily Mail online for the usual daily celebrity gossip and came across a rather bizarre article on how a husband had recently found out that his wife had been having an affair by going through her sat nav.

The husband had basically noticed that his wife had been making regular visits to a particular address, which turned out to be her new fancy man. Whilst most people’s lives are made so much easier with modern day technology, such as the internet, emails and mobile phones, it seems that in fact technology is turning against those who are attempting to live a double life!

How many people have either personally experienced or know others who have been the victim of finding out the "love of their life" has been doing the dirty on them with another by finding a sordid email or text message on their partner’s computer or mobile respectively? Even I did not expect to read that this has now progressed to sat navs, the one piece of machinery that rarely fails to let me down when I am travelling the length and breadth of the country.

I think after reading this article, I would not be surprised if there is a sudden increase in those who are already suspicious of their partner’s antics and start to scrawl through their partner’s "recent addresses" list to find out whether an unknown address appears very regularly and at the top of the list. Pity it can’t show the dates and times the address was used just to try and make the evidence more concrete for later interrogations!

I am yet to see it being cited in any unreasonable behaviour or adultery petition in a divorce; however I will make sure to tweet the news if it arises!