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Celebrity Mums Carrying Giant Toddlers Everywhere

I was looking this week at paparazzi photographs of Katie Holmes trotting around the streets of New York, with her daughter Suri in her arms, as always.

As far as Katie Holmes is concerned, it sounds perfectly normal until you remember that Suri is five years old and can, as far as I am aware, walk. Suri Cruise (interesting that she’s not Suri Holmes, don’t you think?) is often photographed wearing grown up looking heels yet she is rarely without her comfort blanket.  I wonder quite how confused the child is.

Speaking of mothers carrying giant toddlers everywhere Elizabeth Hurley has, for a mercy, finally stopped balancing her son Damian on her hip every time she leaves the house. I suspect that’s only because he’s now nine years old and probably fed up with getting teased for being a big girl’s blouse, not least because of his mother’s insistence that he look like a pageboy at a wedding at all times.

Strange sartorial choices aside however, I have nothing but admiration for the physical strength of both Holmes and Hurley because my son is only two and it’s no joke carrying him around.  At the weekend, I took him to the park so he could ride his toy Thomas the Tank Engine trike.  Off we set, him happy to be on his “wheels”, me happy to be spending a bit of quality time with my son.

Alas, I have not been gifted with second sight otherwise I would have known that the two mile walk/ride to the park was quite enough for him and as soon as we arrived he wanted to go home.  Not, of course, on his trike.  Oh no.  He was tired so he wanted me to carry him.  Carry him, whilst pushing his trike.

Two miles later my arms and back were aching as they have never ached before and they’re still aching now.  Katie: how do you do it?

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