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Trevor Sterling debates serious brain injury and social services funding

A new system is being introduced in respect of the provision of social care. Local Authorities are in the process of making radical changes to how they offer social care support to adults following serious injury including, amongst other serious injuries/conditions, brain injury.

In the past Local authorities would offer a programme of services, but under the soon to be introduced self-directed support scheme, individuals will be offered money to enable them to choose and fund their own services. Self directed support (otherwise referred to as “personalisation” or “personal budgets”) is being introduced gradually for adults across England. 

Its aim is to give people control of the support they receive and to “empower and enable” individuals, it will facilitate money being allocated to an individual by the local authority in order to fund their assessed care and support needs, it may also facilitate combined resources from different funding areas as well as social care funding, such as healthcare, the independent living fund or supporting people funding. 

Payments may be made directly so as to facilitate arrangements for ones own support, they can be in regular instalments or one off payments. This will obviously have a huge impact, particularly in relation to brain injury survivors.

Headway, the brain injury charity, have therefore created a new downloadable fact sheet entitled “self directed support” which is now available on the Headway website, this provides very helpful information concerning self directed support including how to get it, make a support plan and managing ones support.  To access the relevant pages please click on the link below:

Headway also have a range of fact sheets which cover many of the symptoms and practical issues associated with a brain injury, these are all available on the Headway website which can be accessed via the following link:

Trevor Sterling is a Principal Lawyer in Personal Injury at Slater and Gordon and Chairman of Headway West London.

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