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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split, a fatal mix of business and pleasure, Kirsty Morbey comments

Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband of 7 years, Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony have announced the end of their marriage. The couple married in a secret ceremony in June 2004 and are parents to three-year old twins Max and Emme.

The split has come as a shock to many Hollywood watchers and fans, as the couple have regularly appeared in public together and have always seemed happy and supportive of each other.

Speculation has now mounted however, that the split may be down to work pressures, resulting from the couple’s many joint projects. The couple began collaborating in 2005, on Jen’s first full-length Spanish language album. They then starred together in 2007’s El Cantante, a film about Salsa legend Hector Lavoe. 2007 also saw the couple take to the road a joint tour. In November 2010 the couple announced plans to create a fashion range for Kohl’s and April 2011 saw them confirm plans for a joint TV show ‘Q’Viva! The Chosen’. Following the couple’s split it has been confirmed that both the clothes line and the TV show will go ahead as planned.

Throughout the couple’s relationship, they have both always stated that working together along with being a couple and parents has worked well for them. Jen stated, "there’s something about us working together that kind of works. It’s just a natural thing." Perhaps it worked due to the fact that Marc clearly knew his place, stating "she’s always been the boss."

Whatever the cause of the split it will be interesting to see whether or not they can carry on in their joint business ventures now they are no longer a couple. In my experience it is always hard to maintain such a link following a relationship breakdown, as inevitably, emotions will come into play. For some couples, continuing with a joint business may be the only option available, as it may be the only source of income available to them both. However, it takes a very strong character to be able to go to work and see your ex-partner everyday!

As Jen and Marc inhabit the world of Hollywood, it is more likely that they will be able to continue successfully with their projects, as they will be able to employ people to assist and reduce the need for face-to-face contact. It is hoped that they can both remain civil for the sake of their two children. It is safe to say however, that it is unlikely that we will see anymore emotional on-stage performances and public displays of affection from this particular pair!