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Shocking Treatment of Winterbourne View Residents

By Senior Associate, Clinical Negligence

Not many people will have missed the horrific story about the residents at the Winterbourne View Unit in Bristol.  The dreadful treatment has been described as ‘torture’ by clinical psychologist Andrew McDonnell. 

The undercover investigation was carried out by BBC Panorama after Terry Bryan, a former senior nurse at the unit was ignored when he raised concerns with Castlebeck and with the Care Quality Commission.

The images shown on Panorama and now printed across national newspapers are shocking, even for an experienced Clinical Negligence Solicitor, used to hearing about the poor care in care homes.

My case of Alan Simper, an 84 year old, left to die as a result of receiving appalling care, springs to mind. Mr Simper was left to develop 18 pressure sores, some of which were so severe they went as far as the bone.  The sores became infected and were ultimately responsible for Mr Simper’s death. Upon investigation I found that Mr Simper, who was deaf, blind, and suffered from dementia and Parkinson’s disease was left on the floor in his room, in only a nappy without his hearing aids in place. 

The staff at the care home were ill equipped to deal with his needs and therefore effectively ignored them. Incidentally the care home in question was owned by Southern Cross. One can only hope that the exposure of what was taking place at Winterbourne will result in better care for future residents.

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